Testimonials:  BRIDGE PROGRAM 

 To Kombative Edge Kids:


"Justin is a dedicated and insightful educator. He knows how to work with my son who is on the spectrum and hyper active. He can diagnose the various problems and difficulties my son has and come up with effective strategies solving them. He always knows what the next step is for my son and leads him along a productive trajectory. He has worked with my son for about 2 years. My son has made the most progress in his program: from jumping around, running away, and screaming at the beginning to focusing and following instructions for most of the sessions now. His program is truly individualized and works!"


Maxwell's mother





To Kombative Edge Kids:


"Justin is an amazing martial arts instructor.  He teaches discipline and is also very patient with my son, Logan, who has multiple disabilities.  Justin completely understands my son and tailors his instruction to meet his needs.  Logan has made incredible progress in a short amount of time.  Most importantly, he loves going to martial arts!"






To Kombative Edge Kids


“My son Justin Baptiste attends the karate class and is doing well. He started this class several months ago and is doing well. Justin is Autistic and this class is been helping him focus and be more attentive. I recommend this to any parent, as it is beneficial for all children to learn self-defense and discipline.”


-Proud Parent- Kalisha Baptiste

To Kombative Edge Kids:


“Words cannot describe the way our son has developed over the years with the help and guidance of Justin at Kombative Edge. As parents of a child on the Autism Spectrum the lessons that this program has shown are invaluable.  My wife and I did not always agree with some of the methods, but we realized that they were necessary in teaching our son Max not only physical defense but mental defense as well.”


“We have been with Sifu Justin for over 6 years at different intervals and his dedication to the philosophy of true martial arts is unwavering. It’s not about the degrees of belts, but what our child has learned. Our son’s behavior was a factor in joining. Temper tantrums were the norm but now at the age of fourteen he has learned to control his emotions as well as his body. It isn’t easy, and we as parents must support Max through his journey into adulthood. And we are satisfied with his progress and will continue to attend the program as long as we can.  Thank You Justin for all your time and patience.”


With Sincere Gratitude,

-Steve and Maggie




To Kombative Edge Kids:


“Strength, self-discipline, and confidence all taught in a positive environment. This martial arts class is the best. I wouldn't bring my boys anywhere else.” 


-Florence Douyon





To Kombative Edge Kids:


My son has been training with Sifu Justin for over three years and I could not be more pleased with the progress that he has made. When he started out in the special education martial arts class, my son had a tough time. However, Sifu Justin dedicated his time, patience and skill to move my son through the special education program and transition him into the mainstream class. My son's strength, attention and discipline have all improved greatly. He looks forward to every class and my wife and I look forward to even more progress - Thank You Sifu Justin!


-Smith Family

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