What We Are About!


  • We define Martial Arts as:

      To influence yourself in a postive way.  


This includes decisions ranging from training, remaining physically healthy, being trustworthy, as well as choosing the right friends to be around.  Since we all know "birds of a feather flock together."


  • We define Leadership as:

       To influence others in a postive way.  


This includes the skills of communication, relationships, teamwork, and of course leadership.


When your children combine our Martial Arts and Leadership Skills, they will become strong, motivated students who will lead others for the common good.   


  • They will then: Influence themselves and others in a positive way.





Training martial arts will influence your child in a positive way.  Students today who train martial arts, are more secure with themselves, believe in themselves, have higher self-esteem, and are more focused in school.  These are just a few of the many traits which will be developed.


This program is about building relationships with thier peers.  They will learn how to work together, in order to achieve common goals and interests.


The only way to help others is to invest in yourself first.  This way of learning will be beneficial to them throughout their life.  


Watching your children achieve and succeed, then see them help someone else, will make you proud parents.


But most of all your children will be proud of themselves.











5 Reasons Why Your Child Will Benefit From Martial Arts.


  • 1.  Martial Arts will develop their Trustworthy skills. 

        They will learn to develop others to believe in them.

  • 2. Martial Arts will develop their Control  skills.

       They will learn to influence their behavior in a positive

       and constructive manner.


  • 3. Martial Arts will develop their Work Hard skills.

       They will learn to feel the satisfaction from doing    

       their absolute best.

  • 4. Martial Arts will develop their Courage skills.

       They will learn to take the right risks in order to better          themselves and their team.


  • 5. Martial Arts will develop their Discipline skills. 

       They will learn to remain focused, until the task is      



These are just a few of many skills, which your children will learn and develop.  When they truly experience the full benefits of what martial arts has to offer, everyone will begin to see its true "use value" in this life-time.  

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