Leadership Development

Martial Arts Core Values Program


Our students are learning the program's Core Values.


Our Core Values help your loved ones make the right choices every time.  


We learn, live, and lead by these Core Values daily.  


Students are put to the test in every class, in order to prove to themselves so that they can and will demonstrate our Core Values.  


Just because you made a right decision based on the Core Values yesterday, doesn't mean you do not have to make the right decision today.  


We believe everyday you must prove yourself to your instructors, as well as your peers with whom you train.  


These Core Values have created a bond of trust among our students because they continually prove themselves to each other.  

Leadership Program



Our Leadership program is based on leadership skills.


These skills are reinforced throughout the year.  


  • We believe leadership, along with relationships, communication, and teamwork are very important skills to develop.  


In the world today, the most important asset you have are the people you work with.  


When it comes to school, business or any other type of field, people are everything.


Instilling these skills are important.  The students from this program will be successful in anything they do because they will have the necessary people skills to get the job done.


These skills will guide them. Leading, working and helping all kinds of people from all different backgrounds become possilble.      






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