BRIDGE Program

for students with learning Disabilities

Martial arts is a wonderful way to help your child with a learning disability.


Martial arts has many factors that will allow your child to improve and develop.


These factors are: developing fine and gross motor skills, crossing the center line, developing spatial and environmental awareness.  


Each of our martial art systems target these areas specifically.  


Other factors include learning our Core Values, listening to directions, learning the rules, following more than one step directions, focusing, etc.






Through years of experience, this program has been designed to allow proper breakdown of any technique so that the student can learn on any level.


This program is always striving to improve and grow so that we can help as many students as possible.  


This program has specific goals:


  • 1. To teach martial arts to everyone.


  • 2. Continually develop new ways to teach and      break down our material.


  • 3. To teach our Core Values and Leadership          skills.


  • 4. To mainstream as many students as              



  • 5. Build relationships with our students and to      have lots of fun.





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