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To Kombative Edge Kids:


"Our son started training with Sifu Justin when he was two years old. We primarily used martial arts as a form of physical activity for our son but it has become so much more. Since working with Sifu Justin, for 6 years, our son has matured greatly in his attitude, endurance, strength and sense of accomplishment. His grades are high and his confidence is higher! Our son loves going to class four days a week and wishes he could train with Sifu Justin every day of the week. This program is welcoming to students of all levels of ability and uses positive reinforcement as well as constructive criticism to help your child become the best he or she can be."


-Kelly Andrade -mom






TO Kombative Edge Kids:


"I have been looking for a school for my kids to train in that takes self-defense seriously. I wanted a school that taught discipline, placed an emphasis on technique and helped them prepare for an uncertain world. Having taken my son out of a different school, I was a bit nervous. Since the first day of class, my anxiety was put to rest. I enrolled two of my kids in the Jeet Kune Do Concepts Class at Kombative Edge based on Sifu Justin's caring approach. He takes great pride in helping each kid develop individually and at the same time fostering teamwork. His breakdown of technique is clear and concise. There are no wasted movements or time. My kids are eager to study the Kali, JKD and Silat. I am happy because they are learning techniques to address the four ranges of combat should they ever need it. I can't say enough good things about Kombative Edge and Sifu Justin."








To Kombative Edge Kids:


"Kombative Edge Martial Arts has been a wonderful experience for our children. We are very pleased to watch our children’s’ confidence and skills grow. In general this has been one of the best character-building activities that we have involved our children in. The Kombative Edge Martial Arts instructors and students offer a true sense of belonging and treat each other like family."


     — The Khondker Family




To Kombative Edge Kids:


My two children Theodore, (7yrs old) and Samantha (5 yrs) have been trained by SiFu Justin of Kombative Edge for couple years.  I always felt that martial arts is a wonderful way to teach focus, discipline, exercise and self-defense.  I also wanted a structured and flexible program for my children's needs.  I found that, and more at Kombative Edge as they deal both in advance children and children with special requirements.  Classes are offered at convenient times and there are many to choose from.  You will see your child advance every week.  This is an excellent investment into your child's future.


-Best Regards, Polancic' Family







To Kombative Edge Kids:


Our three kids (11 and 9 year old boys and 5 year old girl) have been taking lessons from Sifu Justin for two and a half years. He has been a positive role model both during class and outside of class. His lessons are not only about martial arts, but also about being a leader and being a better person. Our children are developing into confident, responsible and caring individuals thanks to Sifu Justin.


- Rob & Elaine




To Kombative Edge Kids:


Justin’s Mixed Martial Arts class is amazing.  It teaches self-confidence, discipline and most importantly- values.  This is not just about how to defend yourself and fight, but more importantly how to live, learn, and lead.  It’s more than just Mixed Martial Arts!  This should be something all kids have as a foundation and continue to build on.


-Leilani Diaz

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