Women's Self Defense

Self Defense works:  

Those women who trained, 97% were able to fight off their attackers.  

80% of those were able to use voice and body language alone and did not resist to violence.


Self defense training begins with awareness.  It trains you to look for indications of violence in other peoples bodies.

Women who are trained are less likely to be targets of attempted attacks. 

Women who are trained have a better awareness of their surroundings.  

Training martial arts changes your body language.  

You will carry confidence, strength, which is backed by skill and this will turn somebody off who is looking to victimize someone else.

Our Women's Self Defense is a one of a kind program.  Our ladies who train with us are not only learning how to defend themselves, but are developing real life skills that work in the street.  Our program allows our ladies, when they are ready, to interchange with our Adult program.  This will allow them the opportunity to train with men.  When this happens they get the opportunity to see that what they are learning can actually can be applied to men and women of various sizes.  This is specific to grappling on the ground, a knife/weapon situation, or getting into a self-defense situation where you are punching and kicking your way to safety.  Another great aspect is that this allows ladies, who are timid at first, to be in a program with just women.  As their training continues, and they begin to gain confidence within themselves, they will know when its time to try their developed and honed skills out on men in our adult program.  

Our training environment is friendly, warm and full of laughs.  We have many ladies who come to us for various reason, but all stay for the same reasons.  They all want to improve themselves, protect themselves, and live in a world where they know they are ready for anything.   


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